“Beyond the Ordinary”

The NRG Wellness Group, in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, is home to TheraPhi and was started by Terri Bernath and Mike Rowland to offer experiences that are ‘Beyond the Ordinary’. Terri and Mike became involved with TheraPhi shortly after its introduction. Terri had life changing results from only a few TheraPhi sessions, so much so that she and Mike wanted to make this innovative technology available to others. It was TheraPhi that initially brought them together and is now the foundation of their work.

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“Be in the field and be healed.”


New  – Announcing QuantaPhi


Now available, the QuantaPhi is the latest development from the creators of the TheraPhi cold plasma wave regenerative therapy device. A less powerful version of Theraphi, the new compact plasma tubes are capable of creating a large field effect as well as being gentle enough for direct contact. Several inputs on the amplifier allow for the addition of music, sound healing and other frequencies, taking the experience to a whole new level. Phi-ratio-harmonic-cascade induced longitudinal plasma waves and their resultant superluminal phase conjugate (time reversed) negentropy, is the key to well being and healing. Contact us if you would like more information about QuantaPhi


Along with TheraPhi, The NRG Wellness Group offers a variety of other synergistic therapies. Including but not limited to the following.

Compassionate Inquiry (CI) – Terri has completed a year’s training with Dr. Gabor Mate and has received her certification as a Certified Compassion Inquiry Practitioner.

Compassionate Inquiry (CI) is a powerful tool that can bring the person’s awareness to events that occurred in childhood that were painful and difficult to bear, and that the person has protected themselves from experiencing. The CI sessions have been engaged for physical and emotional healing in a wide range of areas: trauma, physical disease processes, chronic pain, emotional and mental disturbances, addictions, PTSD, relationship problems, reoccurring problematic patterns, and lack of understanding of why life is not working out the way we want. In short CI is helping people to be liberated from experiences and the resulting underlying beliefs with life changing growth and healing.

Integrative Reflexology – There are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to all glands, organs, tissue, nerves and all parts of the body. By stimulation of these reflex points, nerves and nerve centers are encouraged to relax, and stress can be relieved. Circulation of blood and lymphatics to all parts of the body is improved. Terri’s 35 years of expertise as a reflexologist, along with her experience in emotional patterning, and compassionate intuition combine to create powerful change for her clients. Sessions for babies are particularly welcomed.

Herbal Consultations & Bulk Herbs – We are providing herbal consultations with Terri who is a certified herbalist and we are offering bulk herbs for sale.

Herbs are amazing foods. They are full of vitamins, minerals, essential oils and many other active ingredients. They are incredibly complex yet perfectly balanced (if left in their whole state) and easy to use. Herbs have been used successfully to improve health for centuries. They are so complex in their action that our diseases cannot “outsmart” the herb. Herbs are generally very safe when used with education and knowledge.

Whatever is ailing you, herbs can be an effective part of your health program. Hour long consultations with Terri can help you identify a herbal protocol to support your health goals.

Bowen Therapy – is a powerful, yet gentle approach to creating better communication within the body for improved function, is also offered at the NRG Wellness Group. By targeting specific tendons, nerve junctions, and acupuncture points, all the systems in the body quickly re-establish communication. The body is rapidly returned to its natural state of function. People of all ages, from the very young to the very old, can benefit from Bowen.

Accumulated over three decades, Terri brings her considerable knowledge about the body, nutrition, herbs, emotional links to dis-ease, and a lot more to each session, regardless of the type of session.

Energy Clearing – Do you feel that you are being affected by negative energies, ghosts, or something else that is energetic? Are you experiencing disturbed emotions, or negative thoughts that fell toxic to your well-being? We look after our physical health and sometimes our emotional health but rarely do we attend to our energetic health.

We can remove negative energies from people and their homes, businesses and properties. These negative energies can include ghosts, spirits, entities, curses, and other supernatural energies that can transfer from person-to-person, home-to-person or vice versa. We clear the house and all its occupants, including any pets, to ensure all negative energies that might be affecting you are identified and removed. If you would like a FREE EVALUATION, please email us at NRG Wellness Group. 

Russian Style Pyramid Kits – We manufacture and sell Russian style pyramid kits, also referred to as Nubian pyramids. Hand built in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, our uniquely constructed, easy to assemble pyramid kits are an intriguing healing structure that can be used in your home and back yard. These pyramid structures look great as “garden art” and can generate healthy benefits for you, your family, pets and the environment. For more information click here.

Disclaimer: We cannot predict or guarantee results; nor do we diagnose, heal, treat, cure, or address specific symptoms.

The NRG Team

“Beyond the Ordinary”

Terri Bernath

Terri, a certified herbalist and reflexologist, has been working in the natural health field for over 35 years. Her first loves are reflexology and emotional exploration. Helping people to understand and accept the transformative connection between emotions and health/disease has been her passion for many years. Because TheraPhi works at the physical, emotional and energetic levels, it fits in beautifully to this multidimensional approach to healing. Michael, with a unique and beautiful set of skills, and Terri formed the NRG Wellness Group when they got their TheraPhi. Together they offer others an experience that is beyond the ordinary.

Michael Rowland

Michael Rowland is known and respected for his work in energy healing and clearing during the last 15 years. An ex-corporate executive, Michael founded Healing Haunted Houses and  has worked with people energetically in a number of different ways. His work ranges, from clearing people’s energy fields to removing energetic blocks in their energy fields caused by trauma, and includes soul retrieval and releasing ancestral patterns.

It was a natural progression and synergistic for Michael to join with Terri and form the NRG Wellness Group. Because of the impressive results of the TheraPhi device, Michael believes that it will become a common treatment in the future.

What is Theraphi?

TheraPhi is a revolutionary new device which creates a powerful double conjugate plasma light/ infrasound bioactive field. The TheraPhi’s cutting edge technology has the ability to have a significant and lasting influence on pain reduction, increasing circulation, enhancement of the immune system, reduction of healing times and more.

The TheraPhi process itself is a holistic, non-invasive treatment whereby the body’s cells are restored to a healthier more ordered state. The TheraPhi enhances the body’s own healing through its cellular regeneration system.

The experiences of TheraPhi users have shown positive results with a wide variety of conditions, including those presented to the side.

Inflammation reduction

Natural pain reduction

Reversing low energy levels

Removal of shock from trauma

Improved circulation

Enhanced immune system function

Improved feelings of emotional wellbeing

Relief of brain injury, concussion symptoms, and more

Disclaimer: Given the nature of this new technology, we cannot predict or guarantee results; nor do we diagnose, heal, treat, cure, or address specific symptoms.

What is the “TheraPhi Regenerative Field Device”?

The TheraPhi is an electronic device for creating a radiative bio-active plasma field. The inspiration for the creation of this device is based on the famous pioneering efforts of Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, Royal Raymond Rife and especially Antione Priore. TheraPhi has been developed by Dan Winter and engineered by Paul Harris.

TheraPhi is therapy by Phi (golden mean ratio). Precise electronic frequencies are generated from phi ratio harmonics and are passed through glass tubes that contain a unique mixture of noble gases that are supercharged by a Tesla Coil. The resulting powerful super coherent field helps the body to restore its cellular regenerative system; the body can heal very quickly and naturally.

How it Works

Plasma Field

The robust solid-state emitters, combined with a unique mixture of noble gases, produce an extraordinary bio-active implosion and negentropic life giving plasma field.

Healing Waveforms

The two glass tubes (emitters) are positioned at either end of a treatment table. Each tube emits counter spinning vortices, which produces a phase conjugate field that cascades into a focal point by utilizing nature’s golden mean ratio (Phi), massaging the entire body with the bioactive field. This allows for changes in a person’s frequency-modulated electromagnetic healing waveforms producing a negentropic effect on the cells and tissues of the body.

Short Time Period

Only short periods of time are needed to produce significant effects at all levels of the body. Many people report feelings of deep peace, relaxation, and a state of bliss. The body is able to heal/regenerate quickly, in the TheraPhi field.

Negentropy and Cell Memory Reversal

The field that is generated between the components of TheraPhi has a negentropic effect. Negentropy is the reverse of entropy and is considered to be “the life organizing principle”. Negentropy is the reorganization of disorder into order. In terms of health of the body, any dis-order or state of dis-ease is a state of disorder. By laying in the TheraPhi’s rich life supporting field, cells and biological systems reorganize and rejuvenate and become ordered.

Negentropy is also a process of ‘reverse time’, a process where the cell can ‘remember’ what it was originally like before disorder set it (definition of healing). The coherent forces in the TheraPhi can restore your body to its original healthy condition, which is also referred to as rejuvenation, regeneration and healing.

About the Technologies

Paul Harris Co-Inventor of TheraPhi

Dan Winter Co-Inventor of TheraPhi, Interview with Dr. Cornelius Van Dorp

Audio interview of Mike Harris with Dan Winter


While you could undergo a short detox other common side effects may include greater health, happiness, and joy, including improved circulation, reduced pain, improved physical performance and cognitive ability. You may feel younger, experience improvement in your ability to relax, sleep, handle stress, think clearly, learn more easily, as well as to appreciate more and to love more deeply. You may feel better physically and emotionally, feel more alive, more creative, more whole, with an overall sense of greater well-being. This, by all measures, is not a complete list of the possible effects. If you experience any or all of these, please inform your family and friends immediately.

TheraPhi Experiences

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