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TheraPhi Changed the Environment

Conducting TheraPhi sessions on a daily basis, we have noticed that our environment has changed energetically. In Paris, the developers conducted an experiment using a device that measures frequencies and balance. This measuring device is used to measure the frequencies and balance between both sides of the brain. This new device was able to measure the frequency of the room before, during and after a TheraPhi session, with very interesting results.

The experiment took place while the developers were at a conference in Paris. The building was quite old and the room was known to have a significant amount of electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) smog/pollution. They measured the frequencies of the room before the TheraPhi session which were quite erratic and unbalanced. During the session the frequencies came fully into harmony and balance, then remained, for the most part, after TheraPhi was turned off.

You can see photos and a video of the experiment at this link by clicking here.

If TheraPhi can change the health of the external environment with just one session, what could it do to change your ‘inner environment’.

“You can’t go into the field and leave without being changed, at some level, regardless of your conscious experience.”

Be well and happy,
Terri and Mike