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‘Beyond the Ordinary’ Healing

Mike and I have had our TheraPhi for a full year and are loving the responses to this beautiful energy wellness device. It is truly amazing the results and experiences we have seen. TheraPhi is the focus of our healing clinic and we offer other complimentary services that are ‘Beyond the Ordinary’ to help each person reach the most optimum health they can. We address the numerous levels that make each of us the unique creations that we have become.

What else is on offer?

We love energy and the limitless potential of its application in healing. Experience has shown that combining other healing modalities after a TheraPhi session yields greater results. Our other extraordinary energy services include:

  • Intuitive Reflexology
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Creative Attitudes
  • Negative Energy Clearing
  • Russian Style Pyramid Kits


Intuitive Reflexology

I am a reflexologist and have been practicing for over 35 years. Reflexology is my second most favourite healing technique (only TheraPhi trumps reflexology for me). The gentle laying on of hands to nerve endings in the feet and hands produces full body relaxation which facilitates the natural return to rest and repair states. The constant demands in our world today make it difficult for our bodies to remain in their natural state of calm and health. Reflexology can help to achieve this state with any person, regardless of age or health challenges. Key benefits include stress and pain reduction, better digestion, improved blood and lymphatic circulation, better sleeping, and the essential ability for improved healing.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy or Bow Tec was developed by Tom Bowen of Australia. Bowen is a very gentle, yet powerful, hands-on, therapy which can affect any system in the body. In a Bowen treatment, specific tendons, nerve junctions, acupuncture points and muscles are gently targeted and manipulated. All cells will be reminded to talk to each other and this creates dynamic shifts in the body, restoring our body’s innate ability to heal. Key benefits include relaxation from stress, improved body awareness and cellular function, improved elimination, and stimulation of the immune system helping the body to heal.

Creative Attitudes

Emotion is the language of the body, how the body chemically communicates within itself and to our consciousness. By surrendering to this chemistry and expanding our awareness, we can create new attitudes and growth and health. Creative Attitudes is an exploration of our belief systems and specific ideas that govern our lives. We likely are not aware of what are beliefs are and the impact they are having in our lives. Through honest discussions of past events, the participant can learn to accept current limiting emotional positions, and transform them to new thoughts, creative chemistry and choices. Gentle laying on of hands on specific points accompanies the exploration, helping the person to embrace the emotional challenges and usher in physical healing.

Negative Energy Clearing

Mike has been clearing ghosts, spirits and negative energies from people’s energy fields and their homes for more that 13 years. Earthbound spirits and negative energies can adversely affect our physical and emotional health. During a clearing session, only energies that do not serve you or are not in your highest and best good to have connected to your energy field are permanently removed. All energies that are removed are then ‘crossed-over’, returned to their point of origin, or permanently returned to their source, so we can be sure that they will not be back. Once your energy field, or that of your home is cleared, you and your environment start to feel better.

Russian Style Pyramid Kits

Our newest synergistic service is Russian style pyramid kits. The healing power found in and around a Russian or Nubian style pyramid provides many positive effects on your body, mind and emotions: better sleep, reduced pain, improved eye sight and hearing, quicker healing times, increased intuition, and natural feelings of love. The environment that the pyramid is in will be conditioned after a short period too. The air, water and plants around the pyramid will be purified of toxins and negative energies. Animals benefit and in fact, ALL life becomes healthier and is assisted in a return to a healthier state. Our Russian style pyramid kits are easily assembled in your home, yard or garden. Please visit for more information and ordering.

In upcoming articles I will expand on each of these services, providing more information.

Please contact us for information and appointments.

Peace and healing to everyone.


P.S. – This is Mike and I have had reflexology session from several experienced people. I can tell you that if you haven’t experienced one of Terri’s reflexology sessions, you are really missing out! Truly beyond the ordinary.