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What is a Healing Crisis

What is a Healing Crisis and What is it Telling You?

The body (and mind) have the innate ability to heal themselves: this is a fact. If you are experiencing poor health, the body will need to be supported to clean and heal.  Part of this process could be a healing crisis – the body’s own action of self healing. A short and possibly dramatic ‘house cleaning’ eliminates toxins in the tissues elevating the body to a returned state of health and vigor.

Found in homeopathy, the concept of a healing crisis is stated in Hering’s law of cure; all healing occurs from the inside out, from the head down, and symptoms will appear and disappear in the reverse chronological order of original appearance.

If the original causes of the health concern are not attended too, a progressive order of stronger symptoms will keep appearing until the original cause is reversed.

An example. A person gets a cold which will go away after some cold remedies are used. More colds may follow which in time may lead to a flu. Toxins are staying in the tissues causing further symptoms. This may include bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia. Eventually a degenerative lung condition may appear.

Once holistic attention is given to the body through natural modalities, diet and exercise, energy will build, and all of the toxins can be dispelled by the body: a beautiful healing crisis. The reverse order of the symptoms (not the disease) will flow through the body. Pneumonia followed by asthma, bronchitis and flu/ cold.

Healthy                                                                 Vibrant Health


Cold/Flu                                                                    Flu/Cold


Bronchitis                                                               Bronchitis


Asthma                                                                      Asthma


Pneumonia                                                         Pneumonia


Degenerative Lung Disease                    Degenerative Lung Disease


Use of holistic practice, natural supplements and healing foods


What could you do during a Healing Crisis?

First of all, respect and embrace what is happening to you. Your body is cleaning house and needs to be treated lovingly. Remember that toxins are like poison! They won’t feel good as they are moving through your elimination channels but you will feel MUCH better afterward.

~Drink lots and lots of water….the more the better. The water helps flush out the toxins.

~Juicing with organic fruits and vegetables is best, followed by whole organic foods. Avoid acid and mucus forming foods.

~Use herbal and homeopathic preparations instead of drug store remedies to assist the cleaning process. Consult with the appropriate people for knowledge to guide you.

~Rest and sleep are critical. Stay at home. Use your energy to heal, not work. Gentle walks would help too.

~Part of the process of cleansing is at the emotional level. You might experience old feelings/emotions come to the surface. Don’t deny those emotions and do not suppress them. Sit with them and express them in whatever manner fits for you.

~BE GRATEFUL for your body’s wisdom and ability to heal. You will feel better than you have for a long time after the healing is done. Celebrate!

Much love,


PS the journey from healthy to unhealthy can not be covered in this article. Stay tuned.