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Maximize your TheraPhi Session

by Terri

Yes, there is a way to maximize your time in TheraPhi. Hundreds of people have experienced TheraPhi with varying results. Why does it work so well for others, like my experience (below), and not so much for others? A quiet mind is the key.

TheraPhi is very unique in its capabilities. There is no specific “treatment” for any specific condition/disease. The entire body is addressed, every cell, in each session. TheraPhi does not treat; it helps with cellular regeneration through deep relaxation. Relaxation, described by many TheraPhi users, shows up as a deep meditative state or just being in a ‘different place’, away from the mind. The mind is disengaged from past moments and allows the body to be in the present. This is the key. We need to stop thinking and doing, and just be in the moment with TheraPhi, without a focus, a direction, a motive of any kind. When we do this, our body has access to healing, by allowing the adrenal glands to turn off, come out of fight or flight. This is known as the “Rest and Repair” state. When our minds are engaged, we can not find rest and repair. TheraPhi is a champion for creating this state, which some refer to as bliss.

During the session, a person does not need to think, direct the session for a specific outcome, bring in their favourite ritual of healing, play with their latest mediation, pray for a healing, visualize, bring up memories of past events that they would like resolved, or engage any other practices. Equally as important is to not have any expectations. This alone can really affect the session. The more we do any of these things, the less effective TheraPhi seems to be. Breathing and simply being in the TheraPhi field is the best way to get results. An empty mind will always help the body to heal. Although you can’t have a session where no change takes place, an engaged mind in TheraPhi will most likely not allow a person to have a ‘conscious experience’ during their session. The shifts/changes will be less apparent.

My own experience of TheraPhi, right from the first session, was to help my mind to become still. I always “go somewhere” when in a session. I can not tell you where, just away from usual busy-ness of my mind. This allows my body to receive the healing of the session. And I always heal.

Now for those of you are thinking that turning off your mind is next to impossible, do not worry. TheraPhi’s balancing effect can be felt in the moment of the session and afterwards to find the ‘rest point’.  We will be able to use our minds when needed (at work, in studies, driving, etc.) and allow the mind to rest when we need that (going to sleep, in meditation, enjoying the sunset, or just  being in the moment with no internal or external movement). Finding balance is what TheraPhi is all about. It is the core foundation of this amazing device.

Final thoughts. My experience is somewhat ‘miraculous’ as so much happened so fast. Most people do not have this exact experience. For some, it may take more time and more sessions to create a significant shift. TheraPhi is not a silver bullet, there are other things you must do to support the body’s ability to heal. You will see in my testimonial, that I was working on exercising (stretching) and a strong focus on emotional health. I was also changing dietary factors, making changes at the energetic level (TheraPhi) and reconnecting spiritually too.

The NRG Wellness Group offers sessions that can help you to address the many facets of what makes us what we are. I am a Certified Herbalist, a trained reflexologist and work on the body in many other modalities. My passion, besides TheraPhi, is working with people’s emotions using ‘Creative Attitudes’ and ‘Compassionate Inquiry’. Both these techniques help people gain the benefit from their “limiting” life’s experiences.

“We are all one chronic disease away from awareness”.    Stephen Harrod Buhner

Peace and Healing to all,


Terri’s Story

My TheraPhi experience netted amazing results from only 3 sessions. I had kyphotic scoliosis. This means I had a spine that was quite crooked front to back and side to side. This condition is most painful and progressively disfiguring and debilitating. I was born with this condition and I have been affected by it my whole life. I have lived in chronic pain for as long as I can remember, and it is exhausting. I had the occasional day of very little pain which was bliss, but the pain always returned.

When offered the opportunity for a session with the TheraPhi device, I gladly accepted. I am naturally curious, and the explanation of this treatment had me intrigued. Three minutes was all I had for the first session, and I could feel things starting to change right away.

I was told to let my mind be empty, not to think about anything and just allow healing to happen in the field. This was quite easy to do once I was in the field that is generated by the TheraPhi. My mind just stopped being busy, which was very unusual for me. I experienced reduced pain immediately, which continued decreasing for one week.  By the end of that first week, my pain levels were down 50%, my spine was lengthening (meaning it was straightening) noticeably, and my flexibility during my daily stretching/yoga was tangible.

I had another session three weeks later, a little bit longer, and again I could detect changes in my spine immediately. I had reduction in pain and increase in flexibility and lengthening of the spine.  I was enjoying having four to five low pain days per week instead of five to seven high pain days per week.  My sleeping patterns changed; I was entering deep healing sleep night after night. My enjoyment of day to day living was expanding as I was living at 75% less pain than I had known for the previous 45 years. My enjoyment was growing along side my gratitude.

Since my second treatment, I had the willingness to explore the emotional dynamics of this condition. I have been very open to this addition in my healing and this has helped to continue my spinal healing.

I had a massage about two months after being introduced to TheraPhi and the massage therapist was shocked at the change in my spine. The reduction in the scoliosis (side to side) spinal curvature was dramatic. She asked what I had been doing as this type of recovery is not usually seen. I explained the energy healing provided by the TheraPhi, and she was impressed and intrigued by its mysterious effect.

The third session was a little longer.  I felt many new sensations and levels of connection in this session, most notably an awareness of healing at the cellular/DNA level. I went into a deep place that was not conscious and very enjoyable. Within 2 days I was at 10% of previous pain levels and had a terrific emotional release (the emotional healing had been activated on the conscious level by TheraPhi’s balancing effect).  I had every faith in this device and its amazing continuous recovery benefits.

I worked a very physical job and at the time of this writing the company was at its busiest time of year. At this time in previous years, I would be in so much pain and so exhausted from my job that my evenings were spent flat on my back trying to recuperate enough to be able to hobble through the next work day. After a few TheraPhi sessions, I would sit for 5 minutes once I got home. Whatever pain I brought home with me would be gone, and I was able to go out and do things I had not been able to do for several years, things I very much enjoyed.

My deepest gratitude to Paul for his contribution to the healing world with his inquisitive mind and generous spirit that lead to this invention. My heart felt joy for Callie for her presence on this healing path. I have been given a way to heal my spine and the pain: I did not think I would ever find this. I have been given a life with virtually no pain…a gift beyond words.