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Having emotional or physical problems for no apparent reason?

Do You Feel…
  • Unexplained irritability, tension, or anger?
  • Undue anxiety and stress?
  • overwhelmed or burned out?
  • exhausted or low energy for no reason?
  • Physical pain, headaches with no explanation?
  • An overall sense of unease or negativity?


Or Perhaps You Have…
  • The feeling that you are being watched by someone or something unseen
  • Lights or electronics going on and off by themselves
  • things moving around on their own;
  • doors opening or closing and no one there?
  • Other unusual activities, experiences or noises in your home?

If so, you might require an energy clearing session for yourself and/or your home. We look after our physical health, sometimes our emotional health but rarely to we attend to our energetic health.

We are exposed to negative energies everyday of our lives and sometimes these energies attach to our energy field without our knowing. After being attached for some time these negative energies can affect our health and our lives in a negative way. Just like unwanted bacteria these energies, that do not serve us, need to be removed from our field.


What are these energies and how do they attach?

There are many types of negative energies that affect us some of which are as follows.

  • Negative energetic imprints from regularly being exposed to negative people or a negative environment.
  • Energetic cords or connections drawing energy unnecessarily from your energy field. When we meet people, or connect with places, an energetic connection or cord is developed between ourselves and the other people or places.
  • In today’s Society, we give little attention or credence to what we call curses. Any strong thought form held long enough toward someone, or a thought form that is highly charged with emotion can become a curse. Even good intentions can also become a curse when they interfere with the receiver’s life in any way.
  • Other energies can include entities, spirits, thought form energies, etc. and all can affect us in a negative way. When we are fearful, anxious, sick or otherwise in a weakened condition we are more susceptible to negative energies which can attach opportunistically.


 About Clearing Energies

All energy removal or clearing sessions are done on a remote basis. We do not just scare off these energies, or turn them loose to reattach or find a new host. The energies are returned permanently to their place of origin and cannot return.

Once the ‘clearing’ session is complete, a summary report of the session is sent by email that covers what energies were present including ghosts, earthbound spirits, negative energies, curses, or other supernatural energies and the impact that they would have been having on your wellbeing.  The report also provides you with any additional information that was obtained during the clearing process. We always ask that you keep an open mind and remain curious as you read the report.

Every person’s experience of a clearing session is unique and different. The results or outcomes are dependent upon several factors including their particular situation, their beliefs, their willingness to let go, their personal journey, and what energies are attached.

So, if you feel like you might be experiencing the effects of attached negative energies, entities, ghosts, or spirits, contact Michael and he can conduct a free evaluation to see if any energies are affecting you.

Much love,

Michael and Terri




P.S. – We also teach you to do this for yourself (and others), so your energetic health can be under your control. We have courses coming up on April 27 and May 3, let Michael know if you are interested in more information.