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Emotional Releasement Work

Emotions Are the Root of Our Physical Ailments.

When we experience pain or disease at the physical level, it is our bodies saying that something needs attention. The underlying causes of these ailments and their potential for healing lies in our emotions. We can choose to mask the symptoms with drugs, distract our attention with compulsive behavior,  or we can choose to look at the underlying emotions causing the discomfort or disease and then resolve the emotional issues. That journey might seem difficult at first but once involved in the process we learn that is is way easier that we thought…And the results are so worth the effort.

Terri offers two different avenues of emotional exploration to get to the root of the emotional stress that we all carry and release or resolve it. Creative Attitudes and Compassionate Inquiry (from Gabor Mate) are both gentle and profound explorations of a person’s experiences and resulting beliefs that have left them with limitations These beliefs that no longer serve are the underlying causes of their current challenges both physically and emotionally. Gently supporting a person through each exploration allows them to come to their own understanding of their experiences, allowing physical and emotional transformation to occur. Freedom from illness is created through acceptance, creating wholeness and health.

Creative Attitudes

Creative Attitudes is a way to look at how our beliefs may have been both assets and limitations, and how as limitations, we came to our current states of health. Meant to be a tool of creativeness and growth, Creative Attitudes allows each person to honestly look at their emotional postures (attitudes) and learn how to accept them. When we reach acceptance on our emotions, we invite the total experience of our lives to be a reality helping us move into new states of being and therefore health. With new information on old knowledge, the body is able to build new chemistry that allows us to outgrow the dis-ease process we formerly experienced. The new chemistry gives us the freedom to now choose creativity in our bodies, thoughts, and life.

Compassionate Inquiry

Developed by Gabor Mate, this emotional process quickly and gently gets down to the root of what is bothering a person. Compassionate Inquiry is a one-to-one process that involves compassionate investigation into a person’s childhood that clarifies beliefs born out of a child’s trauma’s and hurts. Compassionate Inquiry removes the burden of assumed responsibility which allows someone to stop hurting and reacting to life from that place, and once again become curious about it. This process is simple, quick and highly effective for people with difficulties in their past – that is ALL of us.

“You are never angry about what you think you are angry about – NEVER, EVER, EVER.’” – Gabor Mate

Terri has many years of experience working with people to help them gently resolve those emotional issues that are negatively affecting their lives. She has conducted many workshops related to emotional healing, co-authored a book and taken training with Dr. Gabor Mate.  After healing many of her own issues from trauma in this life as well as generational trauma, she is a compassionate guide to help you explore and resolve the disharmony within.

Be well and happy,

Michael & Terri

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