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Benefit From Bowen Therapy Sessions

Bowen therapyBowen Therapy, a unique healing technique, is among the variety of sessions offered at the NRG Wellness Group.  Bowen Therapy, or Bow Tec was developed by Tom Bowen of Australia. Bowen is a very gentle, yet powerful, hands-on, therapy which can affect any system in the body. In a Bowen treatment, specific tendons, nerve junctions, acupuncture points and muscles are gently targeted and manipulated.

Because the Bowen moves are very delicate, they can be used on anyone, including babies, the very elderly and the significantly health challenged. Done in coordinated sequences, the Bowen move effectively recalibrates the autonomic nervous system. By re-establishing normal communication between all body systems, our innate healing knowledge is called into action and healing naturally occurs. Blood flow is stimulated, nerve supply recharged, and free fluid exchange in all tissues is facilitated. Improved cellular function is a natural result.

Key Benefits of Bowen

The benefits of Bowen Therapy are many and include:

  • relaxation/relief from stress levels
  • better sleep function
  • improved body awareness
  • structural pain relief
  • improved elimination
  • stimulation of immune function
  • healing injuries/diseases

Many people have reported feeling relaxation and improved sleep times even after one session. There can be a long period of shifting as this modality continues to heal the entire body for up to two weeks, accompanied by a full range of feelings and sensations. Bowen often creates surprising results. The best way to get a feel for what Bowen might do for you is to try a session or two.

Give us a call to arrange an appointment or to find out more about Bowen and other beneficial modalities.

Be well and happy,

Terri and Michael

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