Lyme Disease

The growing epidemic of Lyme Disease, and its co-infections, is not fully recognized or appreciated. This is part of the problem with treatment for Lyme Disease. Lyme is a bacterial infection that is present around the globe and is being spread by many methods. The allopathic system does have a place in the treatment of Lyme, but it is quite limited if not used at the very start of the infection. It is not equipped to identify and fully treat a bacteria that ‘outsmarts’ antibiotics at nearly every turn. All bacteria, Lyme especially, are very, very smart

I remember when my dad starting using herbs for his many health challenges. I was quite young and did not like the smell of them. I used to crinkle up my nose at the strong unfamiliar odours and thought “I will never work in a place that sells herbs”. Life is funny because about 10 years later I was working in a place that sold herbs and I went on to become a chartered herbalist. I love everything about herbs; how they work, why they work, how fabulously amazing they are in their naturally balanced formulae, and how beneficial they are in our lives on this planet. Some of them don’t taste very good, but even the taste is telling us something about each herb – brilliant.