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Medicinal Cannabis: What You Need to Know

The first Okanagan Medicinal Cannabis Conference (OMCC) is set for September 29 and 30, 2018 at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre. The NRG Wellness Group has undertaken the organization of this informative and educational conference, which is focused on a variety of topics related to the benefits, access and use of medicinal cannabis. “Many of the people we work with are currently using medicinal cannabis without a clear and accurate understanding of usage”, says Mike Rowland. A common story, this concerned Terri Bernath and Mike Rowland of the NRG Wellness Group and motivated them to organize the conference.

The Saturday conference will address many aspects regarding the access and use of medicinal cannabis. The information will be presented by trained and knowledgeable professionals. Participants will learn from certified herbalists and a medical doctor about the history of this plant medicine, intake methods, which conditions it may benefit, and more. They will hear from established local businesses about how to obtain this herb and safety of supply, as well as the laws regarding legal use, licensing and possession. Bernath says, “Cannabis is an amazing herb with many benefits and has the power to heal – if used knowledgeably.”

On Sunday, there will be a full-day workshop for more in-depth learning and training. Lead by a Registered Master Herbalist with several years of medicinal cannabis experience, participants will deepen their knowledge on usage and doses, as well better their understanding of this herb and how it works in and with a person’s body for various conditions.

The conference and workshop are taking place on September 29 and 30, at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre. Tickets are available online at; at and in person at the Valley First Box Office (at the South Okanagan Events Centre) in Penticton.

We all deserve to be healthy, and to live without pain and suffering. If people are considering using medicinal cannabis, they need to be well informed. This weekend conference can empower people to make a more informed choice about what is best for them.

For more information or to purchase your early bird tickets visit Okanagan Medicinal Cannabis Conference.

Hope to see you there,

Mike and Terri